All Time Low in Manila 2024: A Pop-Punk Celebration for All Ages

In an era where music genres blend seamlessly, pop-punk maintains a fervent fan base, characterized by its infectious energy and anthemic choruses. All Time Low, a band that has become synonymous with this genre’s evolution, is set to bring their vibrant live performance back to Manila in 2024. This article dives into what fans can expect from the “All Time Low Forever” tour, including possible setlists, ticket information, and why this concert is a must-see event for both long-time followers and newcomers to the pop-punk scene.

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The Journey of All Time Low

All Time Low began their journey in the early 2000s, capturing the hearts of listeners with their dynamic pop-punk sound. Over the years, they’ve evolved, incorporating elements of pop, rock, and emo into their music. Their ability to adapt while staying true to their roots has endeared them to a broad audience, spanning different generations.

From Humble Beginnings to Pop-Punk Icons

Starting as high school friends with a passion for music, All Time Low quickly rose through the ranks of the pop-punk scene. Their breakout hit “Dear Maria, Count Me In” catapulted them into the spotlight, becoming an anthem for an entire generation.

A Discography That Evolves With Its Audience

With nine studio albums under their belt, All Time Low has demonstrated a remarkable capacity for growth. Albums like “So Wrong, It’s Right” and “Nothing Personal” are considered classics, while their latest release, “Tell Me I’m Alive,” showcases their evolution as artists.

All Time Low Forever: The 2024 Manila Concert

In 2024, Manila will host All Time Low as part of their “Forever” tour, a celebration of two decades of music. This section provides essential details for fans looking to be part of this pop-punk festivity.

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Event Details and Ticket Information

  • Date and Venue: The concert is scheduled for May 3, 2024, at the Smart Araneta Coliseum, a venue known for hosting some of the most memorable music events in the Philippines.
  • Tickets: Sales begin on March 3, 2024, at 12 PM through TicketNet outlets and online. Prices range from PhP 3,500 for Box B seats to PhP 12,500 for PULP Royalty, which includes exclusive perks like a fan signing event and official merchandise.

What to Expect: Possible Setlist and Show Highlights

Based on their recent performances and the celebratory nature of the “Forever” tour, fans can anticipate a mix of classic hits and new favorites. Songs like “Dear Maria, Count Me In,” “Somewhere in Neverland,” and “Monsters” are likely to feature, alongside tracks from their latest album.

Why This Concert Is a Must-See

All Time Low’s concerts are more than just live music events; they’re communal experiences where fans of all ages come together to celebrate their love for pop-punk. The band’s energetic performance, combined with their interaction with the audience, creates an unforgettable atmosphere.

A Celebration of Pop-Punk Culture

Attending the “All Time Low Forever” tour is not just about seeing a band perform; it’s about being part of a moment that celebrates the enduring appeal of pop-punk music.

An Event for All Ages

Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the genre, All Time Low’s music has a universal appeal that transcends age. Their concerts are welcoming spaces where everyone can enjoy the power of live music.

The “All Time Low Forever” tour in Manila is more than just a concert; it’s a testament to the band’s lasting impact on the music scene and a celebration of the pop-punk genre. With a setlist that promises to span their entire career and an energy that only All Time Low can deliver, this event is poised to be a highlight of 2024 for fans old and new.