IU’s “H.E.R.” World Tour 2024: A Spectacular Night in Manila

The Exceptional Return of IU to the Philippines

South Korean singer-songwriter IU is set to captivate her Filipino fans once again with her “H.E.R.” World Tour. Manila has been chosen as one of the coveted stops for this tour, with a performance scheduled for June 1, 2024, at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan. This marks IU’s grand return to the Philippine stage after her “Love, Poem” tour in 2019.

iu her world tour poster

About IU

IU, known for her angelic voice and emotive songwriting, has been a prominent figure in the K-pop industry for over a decade. With hits like “Good Day,” “Palette,” and “Eight,” she has earned acclaim both domestically and internationally. IU’s ability to connect with her audience through her music and dynamic stage presence makes her concerts must-see events.

IU Ticket Prices

iu her tour poster
  • Ticket Sale Date: IU Tickets will go on sale on pulptickets.com!
  • Where to Purchase: Tickets will be available through official ticketing partners. Keep an eye on Billboard Philippines for the latest information on ticket sales.

The “H.E.R.” World Tour

The “H.E.R.” World Tour marks a significant milestone in IU’s illustrious career, encompassing performances across Asia, Europe, and the United States. This tour not only highlights IU’s latest musical explorations but also pays homage to her extensive repertoire, offering fans a deeply personal and unforgettable concert experience.

IU in Manila 2024 Speculative Setlist

  1. Palette – A feel-good anthem about self-love and growth.
  2. Good Day – One of IU’s signature songs, known for its high notes.
  3. BBIBBI – A catchy, modern track with a message about respect for personal boundaries.
  4. Twenty-three – A lively tune reflecting on the complexities of growing up.
  5. Eight (Prod.&Feat. SUGA of BTS) – A collaboration that resonates with themes of nostalgia and loss.
  6. Blooming – An upbeat song about the excitement of new love.
  7. Love poem – A ballad that showcases IU’s powerful vocal range and emotional depth.
  8. Celebrity – A pop track that addresses the pressures of fame.
  9. Coin – An energetic song with a playful attitude towards taking risks.
  10. Strawberry Moon – A dreamy, romantic song that captivates with its lovely melody.
  11. Through the Night – A beautiful acoustic ballad perfect for showcasing her vocal purity.
  12. Friday (Feat. Jang Yi-jeong) – A sweet, laid-back song about longing for the weekend.
  13. Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms (with HIGH4) – A seasonal hit that remains a crowd favorite.
  14. You & I – A whimsical track that highlights IU’s storytelling ability.
  15. LILAC – The upbeat title track from her album that speaks to bidding farewell to past seasons of life.


  1. Dear Name – A poignant ballad that leaves a lasting impression.
  2. The visitor – A more recent emotive track that showcases her evolving sound.
  3. Ending Scene – A deeply reflective and emotional ballad, rounding off the night on a resonant note.

An Unmissable Event

IU’s concert in Manila promises to be an extraordinary night of music that transcends language barriers and brings fans together in celebration of her artistry. With IU’s unparalleled talent and heartfelt performances, attendees are guaranteed a memorable experience that will resonate long after the night ends.

Secure your spot for this momentous occasion, and witness IU’s breathtaking performance live at the Philippine Arena. Stay connected for further announcements on ticket sales and prepare to join IU on this remarkable musical journey.