Wave to Earth: The First Era Concert 2024 in Manila

Wave to Earth, the acclaimed South Korean indie rock band, is set to make a captivating return to Manila, Philippines, with their tour titled ‘The First Era’. Mark your calendars for an extraordinary night of music on March 11, 2024, at the New Frontier Theater.

About Wave to Earth

Wave to Earth has dynamically made its mark in the indie music scene with its distinctive sound that effortlessly blends elements of rock, indie, and a dash of electronic. Known for their emotionally resonant lyrics and electrifying performances, the band has garnered a robust following, eagerly awaiting their musical narratives and live energy.

Ticket Information

Tickets for this much-anticipated concert will be available for purchase starting December 23, 2023, at 11 a.m. via TicketNet PH, presented by Wilbros Live. Offering a variety of ticket tiers:

  • Seats and Pricing:
    • VIP: PHP 5,000
    • Gold: PHP 4,500
    • Silver: PHP 3,500
    • Bronze: PHP 3,000
    • General Admission: PHP 2,800

(Be aware that these prices are placeholders and may vary. Please check the official TicketNet PH website for the most accurate information.)

Possible Setlist and What to Expect

While the official setlist remains under wraps, an exhilarating mix of music can be anticipated, including:

  • Breakthrough singles
  • Deep cuts from their discography
  • New unreleased tracks

The concert’s theme, ‘The First Era’, suggests a performance that not only showcases their past hits but envisions future pursuits.

An Unforgettable Night with Wave to Earth

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the compelling musicality and stage presence of Wave to Earth live in Manila. Here’s why you should attend:

  • Emotionally Charged Indie Rock: Immerse yourself in Wave to Earth’s emotionally resonant music.
  • Immersive Performances: Get ready for an unforgettable night of live music that transcends language barriers.
  • A Journey Through Music: Let their melodies take you on a journey reflecting the band’s past achievements and future aspirations.

Secure your tickets as soon as sales open and follow Wilbros Live for updates leading up to the event.