WATCH: Ben&Ben and Sam Concepcion for Coke Studio PH Homecoming

Coke Studio Homecoming uploaded the unique collaboration between OPM star duo Ben&Ben and total performer Sam Concepcion for the fourth episode of Coke Studio PH Season 2 Homecoming.

Coke Studio Homecoming EP 4: Ben&Ben and Sam Concepcion

Watch the full episode below:


Watch Sam Concepcion and Ben&Ben’s collaboration song below:

Coke Studio Homecoming: “Balik-Balikan” by SamXBen&Ben

Watch Sam Concepcion’s rendition of the famous “Exes Baggage” soundtrack “Maybe The Night”:

Coke Studio Homecoming: “Maybe the Night” Cover by Sam Concepcion

Watch Ben&Ben’s cover of Sam Concepcion’s “Dati”:

Coke Studio Homecoming: “Dati” cover by Ben&Ben

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