The Best OPM Bands, Artists in 2024: Who’s On Our Music Radar

The Original Pilipino Music (OPM) scene has never been more alive and exciting. From indie folk to rock and synth-pop, the diversity of music styles showcases the rich tapestry of Filipino talent. As we look forward to 2024, here are the bands that are worth your attention – each bringing their unique flavor to the mix and promising great things in the year ahead.


Origin: Formed in 2015, Ben&Ben quickly rose to prominence in the Philippine music scene with their folk-infused pop sound. The nine-member band, consisting of twin brothers Paolo and Miguel Guico on acoustic guitars and vocals, along with talented musicians on percussion, violin, saxophone, keyboards, electric guitar, bass guitar, and drums, creates a rich, melodic sound that’s hard to ignore.

Sound: Ben&Ben’s music is characterized by its heartfelt lyrics, harmonic melodies, and a folk-pop vibe infused with elements of rock and indigenous music. Their songs often deal with themes of love, hope, and self-reflection, making them resonate deeply with listeners.

Latest Tracks and Achievements:

  • “Pagtingin”: An updated version of their hit song “Pagtingin,” this track showcases Ben&Ben’s growth as artists, featuring a richer sound with more nuanced musical arrangements. Despite its familiar melody, the 2024 version brings a fresh perspective on love’s uncertainties and the risks involved in confessing one’s feelings.
  • Known For: Beyond individual tracks, Ben&Ben is celebrated for their engaging live performances and the positive energy they bring to the stage. They’ve played at numerous sold-out concerts and festivals, both locally and internationally, solidifying their status as one of the brightest stars in the OPM scene.

Why Watch in 2024: Ben&Ben continues to push the boundaries of their music, experimenting with new sounds while staying true to their roots. Their capacity for storytelling, coupled with their musical talent, ensures that they remain at the forefront of the Filipino music industry.

Lola Amour

Origin: Emerging in the mid-2010s, Lola Amour has quickly risen to prominence with their fusion of various musical genres, from soul to funk, pop, and rock. The band’s ability to create a sound that’s diverse yet coherent has earned them a special place in the hearts of Filipino music lovers.

Sound: Characterized by lively brass sections, catchy rhythms, and soulful vocals, Lola Amour’s music is a colorful blend that can get an audience dancing one moment and introspecting the next. Their songs often explore themes of love, societal observations, and personal growth, resonating with a broad audience spectrum.

Latest Tracks and Achievements:

  • “Pwede Ba”: A hit that combines infectious grooves with reflective lyrics, this track encapsulates the essence of Lola Amour’s music. It questions societal pressures in the context of relationships, all while making you want to dance along to its beat.
  • Known For: Lola Amour is recognized for their electrifying live performances that showcase not only their musical talents but also their ability to connect with the audience on a personal level. Their energy and charisma on stage make every show memorable.

Why Watch in 2024: With their unique sound and engaging performances, Lola Amour continues to be a beacon of originality in the OPM scene. Their exploration of different genres and themes, coupled with their evident passion for music and performance, positions them as a band with a promising future.


Origin: Dilaw is a rock band from Baguio, Benguet, formed in 2021. The band started as an alternative hip-hop duo between singer-songwriter Dilaw Obero and guitarist Vie dela Rosa. Dilaw, meaning “Yellow” in Filipino, signifies warmth, optimism, and happiness, themes that are often reflected in their music.

Sound: Dilaw’s music is a mix of rock and alternative hip-hop, characterized by emotional lyrics, dynamic guitar work, and a strong narrative style. Their sound is both introspective and relatable, touching on personal and societal themes.

Latest Tracks and Achievements

  • Single “Uhaw”: Dilaw’s viral single “Uhaw” highlights the band’s ability to blend catchy melodies with meaningful lyrics. The song’s success on various platforms has significantly increased their visibility in the OPM scene.
  • “Sansinukob”: Following the success of “Uhaw,” Dilaw released “Sansinukob,” another track that showcases their sonic craftsmanship and lyrical depth. The song has received acclaim for its composition and thematic richness.

Why Watch Dilaw in 2024: Dilaw’s rapid rise in the OPM scene, fueled by their viral hits and the emotional depth of their music, marks them as a band to watch. Their continuous exploration of different themes and dedication to their craft promise more compelling music to come.

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Sunkissed Lola

Origin: Formed in Olongapo, Zambales in 2021, Sunkissed Lola is a Filipino rock band that has quickly made waves in the local music scene. The band comprises Dan Ombao (lead vocals, guitar), Alvin Serito (lead guitar), Laura Lacbain (bass), and Danj Quimson (drums). They initially caught public attention through individual music endeavors and collaborations before formally uniting as Sunkissed Lola.

Sound: Sunkissed Lola’s music is a vibrant mix of rock with notable influences from alternative and indie genres. Their sound is characterized by emotional lyrics, compelling melodies, and a dynamic performance style that resonates with a wide range of listeners. They strive to create music that touches on personal experiences, societal issues, and the beauty of human emotions.

Latest Tracks and Achievements:

  • “Pasilyo”: This single showcases the band’s ability to craft songs that are both introspective and universally appealing. Released in 2022, “Pasilyo” exemplifies their skill in combining poignant lyrics with memorable melodies.
  • Performances: Sunkissed Lola has garnered attention for their electrifying live performances. They have participated in various musical events, sharing the stage with established names in the OPM scene, and further establishing their presence as a promising new band.

Why Watch Sunkissed Lola in 2024: With their deep musical talent and a fresh approach to rock music, Sunkissed Lola is poised for significant growth in the OPM scene. Their commitment to creating meaningful music, combined with an engaging performance style, makes them a band to keep an eye on in the coming years.

Juan Karlos

Origin: Juan Karlos is a Filipino rock band based in Manila, Philippines. Led by singer, rhythm guitarist, and primary songwriter Juan Karlos Labajo, the band has made a significant impact on the OPM scene with its emotionally charged music and innovative sound. Labajo first gained attention as a finalist on “The Voice Kids Philippines,” and his transition into band formation marked a notable evolution in his musical career.

Sound: Juan Karlos’s music is characterized by a blend of rock, pop, and soul, creating a unique sound that resonates deeply with listeners. The band’s lyrical themes often explore love, loss, and introspection, delivered with Labajo’s distinctive vocal style and the band’s dynamic instrumentation.

Latest Track and Achievements:

  • “Buwan”: One of their biggest hits, “Buwan,” showcases the band’s prowess in crafting songs with compelling narratives and catchy melodies. The song quickly became a viral sensation, praised for its poetic lyrics and captivating guitar riffs.
  • Award Nominations: Over the years, Juan Karlos and its frontman have received several nominations at prestigious award shows, highlighting the band’s influence and popularity in the OPM landscape.

Why Watch Juan Karlos in 2024: Juan Karlos continues to push the boundaries of their music, exploring new themes and sounds. Their willingness to experiment and evolve makes them an exciting act within the OPM scene. With a solid track record of hits and a deeply passionate fan base, Juan Karlos is undoubtedly a band to keep an eye on for more groundbreaking music.

One Click Straight

Origin: One Click Straight, formed in 2009 in Parañaque, Philippines, is an alternative rock band renowned for its distinctive blend of synth-pop, indie, and new wave elements. This band of brothers and friends, consisting of the Marquez brothers—Sam, Tim, and Toffer, alongside Joel Cartera, has cemented its place in the OPM scene with its energetic sound and introspective lyrics.

Sound: Their music is a refreshing concoction of upbeat rhythms, nostalgic synth lines, and heartfelt lyrics, offering listeners an immersive experience that transcends the ordinary. One Click Straight’s ability to fuse elements of contemporary indie music with the emotional depth of 80s new wave and pop results in a sound that’s both familiar and novel, appealing to a wide range of music enthusiasts.

Latest Track and Achievements:

  • Streaming Success: The band has amassed a significant following on music streaming platforms, with their tracks receiving millions of listens. Songs like “MRT” stand out for their catchy melodies and relatable storytelling, garnering attention and praise from both fans and critics.
  • Album Releases: One Click Straight has consistently delivered compelling music through their albums and EPs, showcasing their evolution as artists and further establishing their presence in the music industry. Their body of work reflects a journey of personal growth, exploration, and the pursuit of musical authenticity.

Why Watch One Click Straight in 2024: With their innovative sound and the emotional resonance of their music, One Click Straight is poised for continued success. Their dedication to their craft and the unique blend of influences they bring to their compositions make them a band to watch in the upcoming year and beyond. As they continue to experiment and evolve, One Click Straight promises to deliver even more captivating music that challenges the boundaries of genre and expression in the OPM landscape.


Origin: Jikamarie, an emerging talent in the OPM (Original Pilipino Music) scene, has begun to carve a niche for herself through her heartfelt music and unique vocal style. Breaking out as a solo artist, she has quickly gained recognition for her music that resonates with a wide audience.

Sound: Jikamarie’s music beautifully navigates the realms of indie pop, characterized by its emotional depth, poetic lyrics, and captivating melodies. Her sound manages to be both introspective and accessible, touching on themes of love, self-discovery, and personal growth. Her ability to convey vulnerability through her music has garnered her a dedicated fanbase.

Notable Achievements:

  • Opening Act for Coldplay: A significant milestone in Jikamarie’s career was being chosen as the opening act for Coldplay’s sold-out concerts at the Philippine Arena in January 2024. This opportunity showcased her talent on a global stage and affirmed her position as a rising star in the OPM industry.
  • Social Media Recognition: Jikamarie has used platforms like Instagram to connect with her audience, sharing snippets of her life and music. Her engaging online presence has played a crucial role in building her fanbase and promoting her music.

Why Watch Jikamarie in 2024: Jikamarie’s trajectory in the OPM scene is on a promising path, marked by her genuine connection with listeners and her ability to craft music that speaks to the heart. Her recent achievements hint at a bright future, and with her talent and passion for music, she is undoubtedly an artist to watch in the coming years.

Rob Deniel

Origin: Emerging on the OPM scene with a fresh take on pop and indie music, Rob Deniel has quickly gained recognition for his catchy melodies and heartwarming lyrics. He stands out as a young artist capable of crafting songs that resonate with a wide demographic, from upbeat tracks that capture the vibrancy of youth to contemplative ballads reflecting on love and life.

Sound: Rob Deniel’s musical style seamlessly blends elements of pop, indie, and soft rock, creating a sound that’s both accessible and emotionally engaging. His music is known for its catchy hooks, smooth guitar play, and relatable lyrics, speaking to the experiences and sentiments of his listeners. Rob has a knack for storytelling through his songs, capturing moments of joy, heartache, and everything in between.

Latest Track and Achievements:

  • “RomCom”: One of his standout singles, “RomCom,” showcases Rob’s ability to combine engaging narratives with memorable melodies. The track has been well-received for its storytelling, which dives into the realms of romantic comedies, reflecting the highs and lows of love through an upbeat and catchy tune.
  • “Ang Pag-ibig”: Another notable track that has captured the attention of fans and critics alike. This song exemplifies Rob Deniel’s talent for melding soft rock sensibilities with the storytelling depth of traditional OPM ballads, further establishing his versatility as an artist.

Why Watch Rob Deniel in 2024: Rob Deniel represents the next wave of OPM artists who are redefining the genre with their unique blend of sounds and lyrical narratives. His music not only caters to the tastes of the younger generation but also appeals to those looking for depth and authenticity in music. As Rob continues to evolve and experiment with his sound, he remains an artist to watch, promising more heartfelt and catchy tunes that speak to the heart of the Filipino experience.


Origin: Sugarcane is an OPM folk-pop band that has made a name for itself with its soothing melodies and poignant lyrics. Based in Manila, the band has become known for its captivating music that combines the rustic charm of folk with the appealing smoothness of pop.

Sound: Sugarcane’s music is a refreshing blend of folk and pop, characterized by its harmonious vocals, acoustic instrumentation, and thoughtful lyricism. The band has a unique ability to craft songs that are both introspective and universally relatable, often touching on themes of love, life’s simplicity, and the human experience. Their sound invites listeners into a serene musical journey, making their songs ideal companions for reflective moments.

Latest Track and Achievements

  • Music Label Signee: Joining the roster of Warner Music Philippines, Sugarcane has stepped into a new era of their musical journey, showcasing their growth and the expanding reach of their music.
  • “Paruparo”: One of their notable singles, “Paruparo,” explores themes of transformation and love’s delicate beauty. The song has resonated with many listeners for its poetic lyrics and captivating melody, further establishing Sugarcane as a significant name in the OPM scene.

Why Watch Sugarcane in 2024: As they continue to develop their sound and reach a wider audience, Sugarcane is quickly becoming a staple in the OPM music scene. Their ability to meld different musical influences into a coherent and appealing sound speaks to their versatility and creativity. With their recent partnership with a major music label and a growing catalog of heartfelt songs, Sugarcane is poised for further success and is one of the bands to keep an eye on for their soulful music and engaging storytelling.


Origin: Maki is an R&B singer-songwriter who has been making waves in the OPM (Original Pilipino Music) scene. With a passion for music evident from a young age, Maki has transitioned from a hopeful dreamer to an up-and-coming artist poised to leave a significant mark on the industry. His style blends traditional R&B with modern influences, embodying the evolving nature of Filipino music.

Sound: Maki’s music is a nuanced blend of R&B and city pop, characterized by smooth vocals, atmospheric synth lines, and heartfelt lyrics. This unique combination makes his sound stand out in the OPM scene, offering listeners a captivating musical experience that bridges cultures and genres. His tracks explore themes of love, self-reflection, and the complexities of personal emotions, resonating deeply with a broad audience.

Latest Track and Achievements:

  • Emerging Talent: As a fresh face in the OPM scene, Maki has quickly garnered attention for his distinctive sound and the emotive depth of his songs. His journey into the music industry represents the vibrancy and diversity of modern Filipino music.
  • “Saan…”: Released as one of his debut tracks, “Saan…” showcases Maki’s ability to craft songs that are both reflective and relatable. The single underscores his flair for storytelling through music, painting vivid narratives that listeners can connect with on a personal level.

Why Watch Maki in 2024: Maki’s approach to R&B, infused with his unique artistic expression, marks him as a promising talent in the burgeoning OPM scene. His capacity for blending intimate lyricism with captivating melodies positions him as an artist to watch closely. As he continues to grow and evolve, Maki’s music promises to push the boundaries of genre and emotion, offering a fresh perspective on the rich tapestry of Filipino music.


Origin: TONEEJAY is an emerging artist in the Original Pilipino Music (OPM) scene who has made waves with his heartfelt and introspective music. Known for his indie folk sound, TONEEJAY has garnered attention not just for his music but for the genuine emotion and storytelling embedded within his songs.

Sound: TONEEJAY’s music is characterized by its emotional depth, reflective lyrics, and the distinctive blend of indie and folk influences. His tracks often explore themes of love, self-discovery, and the complexities of human relationships through a mix of soothing melodies and thoughtful lyricism. TONEEJAY’s personal and intimate approach to music-making allows listeners to connect deeply with his songs.

Latest Track and Achievements:

  • “711”: TONEEJAY’s song “711” has become a standout track, praised for its lyrical sincerity and the warmth of its acoustic arrangement. This song, recorded mainly in his bedroom, showcases his talent for creating resonant music that strikes a chord with a broad audience. Its success on various music streaming platforms highlights TONEEJAY’s rising star status within the OPM community.
  • Chart Success: The popularity of “711” on Spotify and other music platforms has catapulted TONEEJAY into the spotlight, marking him as one of the promising talents in the indie OPM scene. His music’s ability to top local charts speaks volumes about his connection with listeners and his potential for future hits.

Why Watch TONEEJAY in 2024: TONEEJAY’s journey in the music industry is marked by his authentically crafted songs and the intimate connection he fosters with his audience. His burgeoning success reflects the growing appetite for indie folk music in the Philippines and his potential to lead this genre. As he continues to evolve as an artist and share more of his personal narratives through music, TONEEJAY represents a fresh and authentic voice in OPM worth watching in the coming years.

Over October

Origin: Over October’s journey in the OPM scene began with a group of college friends united by their passion for music. The band quickly gained recognition for their relatable lyrics and a sound that blends elements of pop, rock, and indie, making them one of the noteworthy emerging acts in recent years.

Sound: Their music is characterized by heartfelt storytelling, melodic instrumentals, and soothing vocals. Over October has a knack for crafting songs that speak to the experiences of love, loss, and hope, capturing the ebbs and flows of life in their tracks.

Latest Tracks and Achievements:

  • “Sandali Lang”: This song is a gentle reminder to take life one moment at a time, blending thoughtful lyrics with calming melodies. “Sandali Lang” showcases the band’s ability to convey profound messages through their music, comfortingly urging listeners to embrace the present.
  • Known For: Over October’s concerts are an intimate affair, where the band’s connection with their audience shines through. Their performances feel like a shared experience among friends, marked by moments of collective reflection and joy.

Why Watch in 2024: Over October’s thoughtful approach to music and their ability to create songs that resonate on a personal level make them a compelling act within the OPM scene. Their continued growth and evolution as artists promise more expressive and touching music to come.

Syd Hartha

Origin: Syd Hartha has carved a unique niche in the OPM (Original Pilipino Music) scene with her compelling blend of folk, indie, and alternative influences. Emerging as a fresh voice in the youthful wave of Filipino music talents, Syd distinguishes herself with thought-provoking lyrics and a captivating acoustic sound.

Sound: Her music showcases a profound depth of emotion and keen observational lyricism, often exploring themes of self-discovery, empowerment, and social issues. Syd Hartha’s approach to songwriting is introspective yet outward-looking, inviting listeners into her personal reflections while encouraging them to ponder their own experiences and the world around them.

Latest Track and Achievements:

  • “Ayaw”: Perhaps one of Syd Hartha’s most recognized tracks, “Ayaw” highlights her ability to articulate complex emotions and advocate for personal boundaries and respect in relationships. The song’s success has helped establish her as a significant new voice in OPM, resonating with a wide audience for its empowering message.
  • Emerging Talent Recognition: Syd Hartha’s artistry has garnered attention not just locally but on various digital platforms as well, where her music has been praised for its authenticity and emotional resonance. Her engagement with important social themes through her music has set her apart as a socially conscious artist in the OPM landscape.

Why Watch Syd Hartha in 2024: With her distinct voice and poignant storytelling, Syd Hartha is poised to continue making significant strides in the music industry. Her approach to addressing both personal and societal issues through her music resonates with a generation seeking authenticity and depth in art. As she continues to evolve and expand her musical repertoire, Syd Hartha promises to be a vital and inspiring presence in the OPM scene.


Origin: Nobita, named after the iconic and beloved character from the Japanese anime “Doraemon,” is a Filipino rock band that emerged from Valenzuela in 2018. The group swiftly gained traction within the OPM (Original Pilipino Music) scene for their heartfelt ballads and rock anthems. The band members include Jaeson Felismino on vocals and acoustic guitar, Sam Aquino on lead guitar, and Mark Batanes on bass, together creating a sound that resonates deeply with fans.

Sound: Nobita’s music is characterized by emotive lyrics, melodic guitar lines, and powerful vocals, blending the introspective nature of ballads with the vibrant energy of rock. They tackle themes of love, loss, and the myriad emotions of human experience, crafting songs that have both a personal touch and universal appeal.

Latest Track and Achievements:

  • “Ikaw Lang”: One of their standout tracks, “Ikaw Lang,” thrust Nobita into the spotlight, captivating listeners with its lyrical depth and melody. The song’s success on various platforms has cemented their status as one of the promising acts in the OPM scene.
  • Debut Album – “Betterfly”: Nobita released their highly anticipated debut album “Betterfly,” showcasing their growth as a band and their versatility in music-making. The album received positive feedback, further establishing their place in the music industry.

Why Watch Nobita in 2024: Nobita’s authentic approach to music and their ability to convey genuine emotion through their songs positions them as a band on the rise. With each release, they continue to solidify their reputation for creating music that touches the hearts of listeners, promising more memorable and impactful contributions to the OPM scene.

Magnus Haven

Origin: Hailing from Manila, Philippines, Magnus Haven is an alternative rock and pop band that has quickly risen to prominence within the OPM scene. The band is known for its fusion of various musical genres, blending elements of rock, pop, and alternative music to create a sound that’s both unique and appealing to a wide audience.

Sound: Magnus Haven’s music is characterized by its emotionally charged lyrics, memorable melodies, and the seamless blend of rock and pop elements. Their songs often explore themes of love, heartache, and personal growth, resonating deeply with fans. The band’s ability to convey complex emotions through their music, combined with their dynamic sound, has helped them establish a strong presence in the Philippine music industry.

Latest Track and Achievements:

  • Breakout Band: Magnus Haven gained significant attention with their breakout hit, solidifying their status as one of the promising new acts in OPM. Their music has captivated listeners, earning them a dedicated fanbase and critical acclaim.
  • Stream Success: Their songs have amassed millions of streams, showcasing their widespread appeal and the universal relatability of their music. This digital success highlights the band’s growing influence and popularity in the music scene.

Why Watch Magnus Haven in 2024: As Magnus Haven continues to evolve and expand their musical repertoire, they remain a band to watch in the OPM scene. Their talent for crafting songs that speak to the heart, combined with their engaging sound, positions them for continued success and influence. With each release, Magnus Haven further cements their place in the hearts of music lovers, promising more heartfelt anthems and soul-stirring tunes in the future.

The Sundown

Origin: The Sundown is an alternative rock band emerging from the vibrant Philippine music scene. Known for their heartfelt lyrics and melodies that blend influences from indie, rock, and pop, The Sundown has carved a niche for themselves, distinctly resonating with fans across the nation. While specific details about their formation are less publicized, their music speaks volumes, drawing listeners into their world of introspective narratives and sonic explorations.

Sound: The Sundown’s musical style encapsulates a mix of tender balladry and energetic rock, underscored by a flair for atmospheric soundscapes. Their songs navigate the complex terrains of human emotions, relationships, and personal growth, offering both solace and exhilaration to their audience. The band’s adeptness at coupling meaningful lyrics with compelling instrumentals sets them apart in the OPM scene.

Notable Achievements:

  • Production by OPM Legend: Their work has caught the attention of notable figures in the industry, including OPM legend Raimund Marasigan, who has produced one of their new singles. This collaboration highlights their growing influence and the quality of their music.
  • Festival Performances: The Sundown has started making waves beyond the studio, earning spots at notable music festivals. These performances are testament to their rising profile and their music’s broad appeal, marking significant milestones in their burgeoning career.

Why Watch The Sundown in 2024: As The Sundown continues to refine their sound and forge connections within the music industry, they stand on the cusp of greater recognition. Their ability to craft songs that resonate on a deeply personal level, combined with their expanding repertoire and the noteworthy attention from established artists, positions them as a band to watch in the evolving landscape of OPM.

Project Romeo

Origin: Project Romeo is an emerging name within the OPM (Original Pilipino Music) scene, capturing attention with their unique sound and meaningful lyrics. While specific details about their formation and background are not widely documented, their music has begun to speak for itself, drawing in listeners with its heartfelt narratives and melodic charm.

Sound: Embodying the essence of indie pop, Project Romeo’s music exudes a youthful vibrancy mixed with introspective depth. Their songs often delve into themes of love, longing, and the complexities of human connections, resonant with listeners seeking both comfort and inspiration through music. The band’s approachable yet poignant musical style positions them as a compelling voice among the new generation of OPM artists.

Notable Achievements:

  • Digital Presence: Gaining traction on various social media platforms, Project Romeo has effectively utilized digital landscapes to reach a broader audience. Their engaging content and snippets of performances have helped establish a growing fanbase eager for more of their music.
  • “Tugon”: Among their releases, “Tugon” stands out as a testament to their songwriting and musical arrangement skills. The track showcases their ability to weave emotionally charged lyrics with captivating melodies, encapsulating the band’s artistic identity.

Why Watch Project Romeo in 2024: As Project Romeo continues to navigate the music scene, their evolving sound and authentic storytelling herald a promising trajectory. Their knack for connecting with listeners through relatable themes and memorable tunes signifies their potential to become a staple in OPM playlists. With each new release, Project Romeo inches closer to becoming a notable figure in the Philippine music industry, making them an act to keep an eye on in the coming years.

IV of Spades

Origin: IV of Spades burst onto the OPM scene in 2014, quickly gaining attention for their distinct sound and style. The band initially captivated fans with their retro aesthetic and music that harks back to the disco and funk of the ’70s, coupled with modern rock sensibilities.

Sound: IV of Spades is known for their unique blend of disco, funk, and rock, creating a sound that is at once nostalgic and fresh. The band’s music features catchy hooks, groovy basslines, and a flair for theatricality in both their sound and visual presentation.

Latest Tracks and Achievements:

  • “Mundo Ngayon”: This track is a portrayal of the modern world’s complexities and challenges, wrapped in IV of Spades’ signature style of catchy melodies and thought-provoking lyrics. It’s a reflection of their growth as musicians and their willingness to tackle more serious themes in their work.
  • Known For: IV of Spades has been acclaimed for their visually engaging music videos and dynamic live performances. Their ability to blend different genres while maintaining a coherent sound has earned them a fervent fanbase and numerous awards in the music industry.

Why Watch in 2024: With their innovative approach to music and visual storytelling, IV of Spades continues to be a band that captivates and challenges their audience. Their exploration of new themes and sounds promises an exciting future for fans and newcomers alike.

December Avenue

Origin: Formed in 2008, December Avenue has become one of the most beloved bands in the Philippines, especially known for their emotive and poignant ballads. Their music resonates with anyone who has experienced love, loss, and longing, making them a staple of many playlists.

Sound: December Avenue’s music is a blend of alternative rock and pop, characterized by atmospheric instrumentals, melodic guitar riffs, and heartfelt lyrics. Their songs often explore themes of unrequited love, heartbreak, and the complexities of human emotions, striking a chord with listeners.

Latest Tracks and Achievements:

  • “Kahit Sa Panaginip Na Lang”: This recent release continues December Avenue’s tradition of poignant storytelling through music. The song delves into the yearning for a lost love and the hope of reuniting, even if only in dreams. Its emotional depth and captivating melody exemplify why December Avenue remains a significant figure in the OPM scene.
  • Known For: Aside from their successful singles, December Avenue is renowned for their powerful live performances, where they connect deeply with their audience. Their ability to convey complex emotions through music has garnered them a dedicated following and critical acclaim.

Why Watch in 2024: December Avenue has consistently evolved while staying true to the emotional core of their music. Their ability to capture the nuances of human emotion in song makes them a band to watch, as they continue to contribute meaningfully to the landscape of OPM.


Origin: Formed in university dormitories, Munimuni initially began as a small project among friends. Since their formation in the early 2010s, they’ve captivated a growing audience with their introspective lyrics and innovative sound, which they’ve coined as “makata pop” – a blend of poetic lyricism and pop music.

Sound: Munimuni’s music is remarkable for its depth and introspection, blending elements of indie, folk, and pop. Their songs are layered with emotional and poetic lyrics, often exploring themes of love, existential dread, and the beauty of the mundane. The band’s sound is defined by melodic guitar work, warm vocals, and the occasional use of traditional Filipino instruments, which adds an authentic touch to their music.

Latest Tracks and Achievements:

  • “Simula”: As a hopeful anthem for new beginnings, “Simula” embodies Munimuni’s signature emotional depth coupled with a brighter, more hopeful tone. The track encourages listeners to find beauty and hope in starting anew, showcasing the band’s versatility in exploring different emotional landscapes.
  • Known For: Munimuni is praised for their captivating live performances that feel more like intimate gatherings than concerts. Their ability to connect with the audience on a personal level has set them apart in the OPM scene, gaining them a loyal and passionate fanbase.

Why Watch in 2024: As Munimuni continues to evolve, their exploration of new themes and sounds underlines their place as one of the most innovative bands in OPM. Their unique “makata pop” style and dedication to storytelling through music promise more compelling releases in the future.

Silent Sanctuary

Origin: Silent Sanctuary has carved a niche within the OPM scene as a band that masterfully blends rock music elements with classical orchestration. Formed in 2001, they quickly distinguished themselves with a sound that incorporates violins, a cello, and traditional rock instruments, creating music that resonates with a wide range of listeners.

Sound: Known for their fusion of rock and classical music, Silent Sanctuary delivers a sonic experience that is both unique and emotionally charged. Their music often explores themes of love, loss, and longing, articulated through poignant lyrics and a blend of melodic strings and rock instrumentation. This distinctive sound has made them a beloved band in the Philippines, capable of drawing tears and smiles in equal measure.

Latest Tracks and Achievements:

  • “Saan Na Nga Ba”: This recent track delves into the feelings of searching and yearning for a lost love. It showcases Silent Sanctuary’s signature orchestral rock style, with stirring string arrangements complementing the rock backbone. The song’s emotional depth demonstrates the band’s continued relevance and ability to connect with audiences.
  • Known For: Beyond their innovative music, Silent Sanctuary is celebrated for their compelling live performances, where they’ve been known to captivate audiences with the rich textures of their sound. Their concerts are emotional experiences, with the band’s music bringing together the intensity of rock and the elegance of classical music in perfect harmony.

Why Watch in 2024: With their consistent innovation and dedication to crafting deeply resonant music, Silent Sanctuary remains a significant and influential force in the OPM scene. Their ability to fuse diverse musical elements into touching and memorable songs speaks to their role as pioneers and their enduring appeal to fans of all ages.

The Juans

Origin: Emerging onto the OPM scene in 2013, The Juans quickly made a name for themselves with their catchy pop-rock tunes and inspirational lyrics. The band’s ability to craft songs that resonate with listeners’ hopes, dreams, and experiences has endeared them to a wide audience, cementing their place in the industry.

Sound: The Juans’ music can best be described as a blend of pop melodies and rock sensibilities, underscored by uplifting and motivational themes. Their songs are characterized by catchy hooks, harmonious vocals, and relatable lyrics that aim to inspire and console. Through their music, The Juans tap into the collective aspirations and challenges of their audience, making each track feel like a personal message of hope.

Latest Tracks and Achievements:

  • “Panahon”: This track serves as an anthem of resilience and change, encouraging listeners to embrace life’s challenges as opportunities for growth and transformation. The song encapsulates The Juans’ message of hope and empowerment, reminding fans that every season brings its unique lessons and opportunities.
  • Known For: Beyond their studio recordings, The Juans are acclaimed for their dynamic live performances, which showcase their musical versatility and tight-knit chemistry on stage. Their concerts are often described as uplifting experiences, where fans can both enjoy the music and leave feeling inspired.

Why Watch in 2024: The Juans continue to evolve and experiment with their sound while staying true to their mission of uplifting and inspiring their listeners. Their consistent growth as artists and performers makes them one of the must-watch bands in the OPM scene, promising more engaging and heartwarming music to come.


Origin: Since their formation in 2012, Autotelic has become synonymous with Filipino indie pop, known for their synthesis of catchy melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and a distinctive sound that blends electronic music with indie rock inspirations. The band’s name itself, derived from Greek, meaning something that is an end in itself, reflects their approach to music – creating songs that are not just for listening but also for experiencing.

Sound: Autotelic’s sound is a vibrant fusion of electronic synth-pop and indie rock, characterized by energetic beats, synth-driven melodies, and powerful Tagalog lyrics. Their music explores themes of love, loss, joy, and the complexities of human emotions, inviting listeners to a sonic journey that’s both introspective and danceable.

Latest Tracks and Achievements:

  • “Isa”: A testament to their evolving sound, “Isa” is an upbeat track that explores themes of unity, connection, and the collective human experience. The song’s infectious rhythm and optimistic lyrics resonate with listeners, offering a message of hope and togetherness in uncertain times.
  • Known For: Autotelic’s live performances are energetic and immersive, with the band’s ability to connect with the audience and create a shared experience standing out. Their concerts are celebrations of life’s ups and downs, beautifully underscored by their dynamic sound and passionate delivery.

Why Watch in 2024: As they continue to push musical boundaries, Autotelic’s exploration of new sounds and themes promises an exciting future for fans. Their commitment to crafting music that resonates on a deeply personal level, combined with their infectious energy, makes them a band to watch in the evolving OPM landscape.

Sponge Cola

Origin: Sponge Cola, formed in the early 2000s, has become one of the cornerstone bands of the OPM scene with a solid career spanning over two decades. Their journey from university band competitions to major music festivals showcases their growth and adaptation through various music trends, without losing the core of their sound that fans have come to love.

Sound: Sponge Cola’s music is a robust blend of rock and alternative with hints of pop sensibilities – making their tracks both anthemic and deeply emotive. Known for their poetic lyrics, often exploring themes of love, longing, and the nuances of human relationships, their sound features compelling guitar riffs, dynamic drumming, and powerful vocals.

Latest Tracks and Achievements:

  • “Kunwari”: This track exemplifies Sponge Cola’s talent in weaving intricate narratives with their music. “Kunwari” delves into the complexities of pretending in relationships, encapsulated in a melody that’s both haunting and beautiful. The song further cements the band’s stature as master storytellers within the OPM genre.
  • Known For: Beyond their music, Sponge Cola is celebrated for their live performances that showcase their energy and cohesion as a band. Their concerts are not just musical events but emotional experiences, where fans can sing along to their heart’s content.

Why Watch in 2024: Sponge Cola has consistently managed to stay relevant in the ever-evolving OPM landscape through their ability to adapt and innovate. Their dedication to their craft and their fans promises more heartfelt songs and memorable performances in the years to come.

Cup of Joe

Origin: Cup of Joe emerged in the OPM scene as a refreshing take on indie pop, quickly gaining a following among younger listeners with their relatable lyrics and catchy tunes. Since their debut, the band has been known for their vibrant energy and the feel-good vibes that their music brings.

Sound: Cup of Joe combines elements of pop, indie, and soul to create a sound that’s both light-hearted and reflective. Their music often talks about youth, love, and the journey of finding oneself, packaged in melodies that you can easily find yourself humming along to.

Latest Tracks and Achievements:

  • “Nag-iisa”: A standout track that showcases Cup of Joe’s ability to blend catchy rhythms with soulful introspection. “Nag-iisa” reflects on solitude and the personal journey toward self-discovery. Its upbeat melody contrasts beautifully with the depth of its lyrics, making it a hit among fans.
  • Known For: Cup of Joe is known for their engaging live performances that radiate positivity and energy. Their interactions with the audience and their ability to create an immersive experience speak to their charisma and potential as a band.

Why Watch in 2024: With their unique blend of sounds and heartfelt storytelling, Cup of Joe is poised for greater heights in the OPM industry. Their exploration of new themes and dedication to creating music that resonates with a broad audience make them a band worth watching out for in 2024 and beyond.

Bita and the Botflies

Origin: Bita and the Botflies have carved a niche for themselves in the Philippine music scene with their dark, witty lyrics coupled with catchy, sometimes haunting, melodies. They emerged as a breath of fresh air, offering narratives that are often rooted in critical social commentary, wrapped in the accessible form of indie rock and blues.

Sound: The band’s sound is distinctive, combining elements of blues, rock, and indie with narratives that delve into the darker, often overlooked aspects of society. Their music is as much a storytelling medium as it is an auditory experience, with each track serving as a vignette reflecting various facets of life and human nature.

Latest Tracks and Achievements:

  • “Peklat Cream”: This song stands out for its critique of societal standards of beauty, employing the band’s signature storytelling style. With a blend of irony and dark humor, it addresses serious issues in a manner that is both thought-provoking and musically captivating.
  • Known For: Bita and the Botflies are celebrated for their theatrical live performances, incorporating visuals and narratives that enhance the storytelling aspect of their music. Their shows are not just concerts but immersive experiences that leave a lasting impression on their audience.

Why Watch in 2024: As they continue to push the boundaries of music and social commentary, Bita and the Botflies remain one of the most intriguing bands in the OPM scene. Their commitment to addressing societal issues through their unique musical style positions them as a band that not only entertains but also provokes thought and discussion.

Any Name’s Okay

Origin: Any Name’s Okay, breaking into the scene in the late 2010s, quickly caught the attention of listeners with their infectious blend of pop and indie rock. The band’s youthful energy and approach to music-making have made them a favorite among a new generation of OPM enthusiasts.

Sound: The band’s sound is a cheerful mix of indie and pop-rock, underscored by vibrant melodies and lyrics that speak to the experiences of youth — love, dreams, and the highs and lows of growing up. Their music is both relatable and uplifting, with a knack for creating anthems that resonate with fans across the country.

Latest Tracks and Achievements:

  • “Oras”: Emphasizing the importance of seizing the moment, “Oras” is a stand-out track that encapsulates the band’s philosophy of living life to the fullest. The song’s catchy tune and motivational lyrics make it a perfect representation of Any Name’s Okay’s energetic and hopeful sound.
  • Known For: On stage, Any Name’s Okay brings an unparalleled level of dynamism and joy, creating an atmosphere that’s both engaging and inclusive. Their performances are a testament to their chemistry as a band and their ability to connect with their audience on a personal level.

Why Watch in 2024: With their fresh sound and positive outlook, Any Name’s Okay continues to be a beacon of hope and joy in the Philippine music scene. Their evolving sound and ability to capture the essence of youth make them a band to keep an eye on in the coming years.

Oh, Flamingo!

Origin: Oh, Flamingo! brings a refreshing take on indie rock to the OPM scene. Known for their colorful sound and equally vibrant performances, the band has been making waves with their experimental approach to music since their formation. Their name, inspired by the whimsical and out-of-the-ordinary, perfectly encapsulates the spirit of their music.

Sound: Their music is an eclectic mix of indie rock, math rock, and a dash of psychedelia, resulting in a sound that is both intricate and accessible. Oh, Flamingo! is known for complex guitar riffs, off-kilter rhythms, and harmonious vocals, creating songs that are as intellectually stimulating as they are emotionally resonant.

Latest Tracks and Achievements:

  • “Pilot”: This track reflects the band’s knack for crafting songs that navigate through the complexities of human emotions with both depth and levity. “Pilot” showcases their ability to blend technical skill with heartfelt storytelling, making for a listening experience that’s engaging on multiple levels.
  • Known For: Oh, Flamingo!’s live performances are a spectacle of energy and musicianship. With each member bringing their own flair to the stage, their shows are a dynamic display of the band’s cohesion and individual talents, making them a must-see act in the OPM scene.

Why Watch in 2024: Oh, Flamingo!’s continuous experimentation with sounds and themes promises an exciting trajectory for the band. Their commitment to pushing the boundaries of their music while staying true to their emotive and complex storytelling makes them one of the most intriguing acts in the evolving landscape of OPM.

The Ridleys

Origin: The Ridleys emerged into the OPM scene with an indie folk sound that instantly set them apart. Known for their emotional storytelling and acoustic vibes, the band has captured the hearts of listeners looking for music that speaks to life’s intimate and often overlooked moments.

Sound: Their sound features a mix of indie, folk, and pop elements, characterized by soothing melodies, intricate guitar play, and earnest lyrics. The Ridleys master the art of simplicity, allowing their stories to take center stage in songs that are both moving and relatable.

Latest Tracks and Achievements:

  • “Himay”: This track exemplifies the band’s skill in crafting songs that delve deep into personal introspection and the complexities of human relationships. “Himay” translates to “dissect” or “break down” in Filipino, reflecting the song’s exploration of dissecting one’s feelings and thoughts in times of solitude.
  • Known For: The band is celebrated for their heartfelt live performances that create an atmosphere of shared experience and communal healing. The Ridleys have a way of making each concert feel like a gathering of close friends, showcasing their ability to connect deeply with their audience through music.

Why Watch in 2024: As The Ridleys continue to explore the depths of human emotion through their music, they promise to bring more soul-stirring tracks to their listeners. Their focus on storytelling and emotional resonance makes them a standout act in the OPM scene, offering a refuge for those seeking solace and understanding in music.