BINI: Unveiling the Modern Binibinis of P-Pop

In the vibrant world of P-Pop, one name that has been making waves since its debut is BINI. This eight-member girl group, under the guidance of Star Magic and ABS-CBN, has captivated fans with their charm, fierce independence, and undeniable talent. Born from the rigorous training grounds of Star Hunt Academy, BINI has quickly risen to prominence, embodying the spirit of the modern Filipina in the music industry. Let’s dive deep into the world of BINI, exploring each member’s unique journey and the collective magic they bring to the stage.

The Genesis of BINI

BINI’s journey began long before the spotlight, with each member undergoing intensive training from 2018 to 2020 at Star Hunt Academy (SHA), ABS-CBN’s incubator for idols and artists. This period of grooming was not just about honing their vocal and dance skills but also about building discipline, teamwork, and the resilience needed to thrive in the competitive world of pop music.

The group’s name, derived from the Filipino word “binibini,” reflects their identity as representatives of the modern Filipina – charming, fierce, independent, and well-informed. Since their debut on June 11, 2021, with the hit single “Born to Win,” BINI has been on an upward trajectory, showcasing their talents and versatility across various platforms.

Meet the Members of BINI

Each member of BINI brings a unique flavor to the group, making it a powerhouse of talents. Let’s get to know them better:

Aiah: The Artistic Maverick

  • Position: Main Rapper, Visual, Sub-vocalist
  • Birthdate: January 27, 2001
  • Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
  • Aiah, born Maraiah Queen Arceta, is known for her love of swimming and drawing. Despite an initial setback with an unsuccessful audition for Pinoy Big Brother in 2018, her persistence and talent caught the attention of Star Hunt’s managers, leading her to the SHA training program where she excelled in dancing.

Colet: The Melodic Wordsmith

  • Position: Main Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer
  • Birthdate: September 14, 2001
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Nicolette Vergara, known as Colet, combines her love for singing, dancing, and songwriting, offering a glimpse into her introspective nature. Her dedication to her craft and her role as a “TRASH-urer” among her peers highlight her responsibility and creativity.

Gwen: The Culinary Connoisseur

  • Position: Lead Rapper, Lead Vocalist
  • Birthdate: June 19, 2003
  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini
  • Gweneth Apuli, the youngest among five siblings, has a penchant for spicy food and a love for collecting heels and exploring makeup artistry. Her journey from school activities to PBB and finally to BINI showcases her determination and talent.

Jhoanna: The Compassionate Leader

  • Position: Leader, Lead Rapper, Lead Vocalist
  • Birthdate: January 26, 2004
  • Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
  • As the leader of BINI, Jhoanna Christine Robles brings her passion for music and her academic excellence together, proving her versatility and leadership within the group.

Maloi: The Dramatic Muse

  • Position: Main Vocalist
  • Birthdate: May 27, 2002
  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini
  • Mary Loi Yves Ricalde, an avid K-Drama fan, has a talent for strumming the guitar and composing songs. Her unexpected journey into the limelight showcases the serendipity of her musical career.

Mikha: The Athletic Artist

  • Position: Lead Dancer, Main Rapper, Visual
  • Birthdate: November 8, 2003
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • Mikhaela Janna Lim’s love for sports, sleeping, and K-Dramas complements her flexibility and dance skills, making her a dynamic performer in BINI.

Sheena: The Youthful Dancer

  • Position: Main Dancer, Sub-vocalist
  • Birthdate: May 9, 2004
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Sheena Mae Catacutan, the youngest member, brings her dedication to dancing and her love for the arts and sweets to the group, showcasing her vibrant personality and talent.

Stacey: The Fashionable Performer

  • Position: Main Rapper, Sub-vocalist, Lead Dancer
  • Birthdate: July 13, 2003
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • Stacey Aubrey Sevilleja combines her love for makeup, modeling, and dance, highlighting her multifaceted talents and her passion for performance.

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The Impact of BINI on P-Pop

BINI’s rise in the P-Pop industry is not just a testament to their talents but also to their hard work, discipline, and the innovative training provided by Star Hunt Academy. Their music, characterized by catchy tunes and meaningful lyrics, resonates with the youth, offering inspiration and entertainment alike.

Their journey from trainees to pop idols serves as a beacon of hope for aspiring artists, proving that with dedication and the right support, dreams can indeed turn into reality. BINI’s story is still unfolding, and their future in the music industry looks promising, with more opportunities to influence and inspire a global audience.

BINI represents the new wave of P-Pop idols who are not just performers but role models for the youth. Their journey, marked by perseverance, talent, and the spirit of collaboration, showcases the potential of Filipino artists on the world stage. As they continue to grow and evolve, BINI’s music and message will undoubtedly continue to captivate hearts and inspire the next generation of performers.


  1. When did BINI debut?
    • BINI debuted on June 11, 2021, with their hit single “Born to Win.”
  2. What does BINI stand for?
    • The name BINI is derived from the Filipino word “binibini,” symbolizing the modern Filipina.
  3. How were the members of BINI selected?
    • The members were selected through rigorous training and auditions at Star Hunt Academy, ABS-CBN’s training ground for idols and artists.
  4. What makes BINI stand out in the P-Pop industry?
    • BINI stands out due to their unique blend of talents, discipline, and representation of modern Filipina values.
  5. What are some of BINI’s notable performances?
    • Detailed information on specific performances is not provided in this article, but BINI is known for their energetic and captivating live performances.