Moira Dela Torre and AJ Rafael for Coke Studio Homecoming Season 2

Coke Studio Homecoming uploaded the unique collaboration between OPM sweetheart Moira Dela Torre and American musician AJ Rafael for the Fifth episode of Coke Studio PH Season 2 Homecoming.

Coke Studio Homecoming EP 5: Moira and AJ Rafael

Watch the full episode below:

Watch Moira Dela Torre and AJ Rafael’s collaboration song below:

Coke Studio Homecoming: “My Sweet Escape” by Moira Dela Torre and AJ Rafael


Watch AJ Rafael’s cover of “Tagpuan” below:

Coke Studio Homecoming: “Tagpuan” Cover by AJ Rafael


Watch Moira Dela Torre’s cover of “We Could Happen” below:

Coke Studio Homecoming: “We Could Happen” Cover by Moira Dela Torre


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