SB19: The Journey from ‘Tilaluha’ to P-pop Kings

SB19, the Filipino boy band that has taken not only OPM but the music industry by storm, is more than just a group of talented individuals. They are a testament to the power of perseverance, dedication, and the pursuit of dreams. Comprised of Justin, Stell, Ken, Pablo, and Josh, SB19 has been making waves both locally and internationally with their powerful vocals and impressive dance skills. But their journey to success was not a walk in the park. Let’s dive into the story of SB19’s first song and their path to becoming the “P-pop Kings” they are today.

The Dream Begins

On August 23, 2016, the journey of SB19 began when five young male aspirants auditioned and were selected for a Korean-based talent agency called ShowBT Philippines (SBT). As part of the agency’s performance team, the members underwent rigorous training for more than nine hours a day for three consecutive years, following Korean entertainment standards. Despite receiving only a small amount of wages, they dedicated themselves to honing their skills and becoming high-quality performers. This was the beginning of their dream, a dream that would soon take them places they never imagined.

A Rocky Start

In 2016, SB19 made their debut with a ballad single titled “Tilaluha” (Stop Crying). However, their first appearance did not receive much recognition from Filipino fans. At that time, P-pop groups were not as popular in the country, putting SB19 on the edge of possible disbandment. Despite the initial setback, the group persevered and continued to work hard towards their musical career. Their story is a reminder that success is not always instant, and sometimes, it takes a few stumbles before you can truly soar.

Rising from the Ashes

After their struggles during their debut, SB19 released their follow-up track, “Go Up,” in 2018. This single became a turning point for the group, propelling them towards mainstream success in the local music scene. “Go Up” gained popularity and allowed the members to gain recognition for their talent and hard work. In 2019, SB19’s YouTube channel gained 500,000 new subscribers, showcasing their growing fanbase. Even during the height of the pandemic, they released a new song called “Ika Ko” (You and I), recorded in the comfort of their homes to keep their fans updated and entertained.

Making Their Mark

In 2020, SB19 released their album “Get In the Zone,” featuring nine tracks, including their debut single “Tilaluha,” as well as “Alab,” “Go Up,” and “Hanggang Sa Huli.” The album further solidified their presence in the music industry. In 2021, SB19 continued to make waves in the P-pop scene with hits like “What?,” “MAPA,” “Pagsibol,” and “Bazinga.” One of their recent releases, “Gento,” became a massive success on various platforms, particularly on TikTok, where it sparked a dance challenge that gained participation from local celebrities and even established K-pop acts.

Breaking International Barriers

SB19’s success extended beyond the Philippines, as they embarked on an international career. In 2022, they released their pre-comeback song, “WYAT (Where You At),” which they performed in the Ozone Concert. The concert had four stops in the Philippines (Manila, Cebu, Clark, and Davao) and three stops abroad in Singapore, Dubai, and the United States. Their international recognition grew as they were nominated for the Top Social Artist category at the Billboard Music Awards and entered the top 10 of Billboard’s Social 50 charts. Looking ahead, SB19 and their fans, known as A’Tin, have their sights set on a potential nomination at the 2024 Grammy Awards in the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category for their music, “Gento.”

The journey of SB19 from their first song to becoming the “P-pop Kings” is a testament to their talent, perseverance, and hard work. Despite facing challenges and initial setbacks, they have managed to captivate audiences both locally and internationally. SB19’s success story serves as an inspiration to aspiring musicians and a reminder that dreams can be achieved with dedication and passion. Their journey is a story worth sharing, a story that resonates with every dreamer, every music lover, and every individual who believes in the power of perseverance and hard work.