Oishi and TWICE: A Flavorful Collaboration

In a world where the lines between pop culture and business are increasingly blurring, the recent collaboration between snack brand Oishi and K-pop sensation TWICE is a perfect example of this trend. This article delves into the details of this exciting partnership, the recent business developments of Oishi, and the global success of TWICE.

Oishi’s New Ad Campaign

What is the “O Wow! O Wow!” campaign?
The “O Wow! O Wow!” campaign is a new ad campaign by snack brand Oishi, featuring the Korean girl group TWICE.

Who are TWICE?
TWICE is a popular K-pop girl group known for their catchy music and energetic performances.

Oishi, a snack brand recognized as a “Shanghai Famous Brand,” has recently teamed up with the Korean girl group TWICE for a new ad campaign called “O Wow! O Wow!” The collaboration between the popular snack brand and the K-pop sensation is a match made in heaven, bringing together the best of both worlds. The campaign, which is as catchy as it is flavorful, is set to take the world by storm, much like TWICE’s chart-topping hits.

The Impact of Celebrity Endorsements

Celebrity endorsements are a powerful marketing tool, and Oishi’s collaboration with TWICE is no exception. The K-pop group’s global popularity can help increase brand awareness and attract new customers, especially among younger demographics. Moreover, TWICE’s image aligns well with Oishi’s brand identity, which is all about fun, flavor, and innovation.

Thai Beverage Acquires Stake in Oishi Group

In other news, Thai Beverage has acquired an additional 18.84% stake in Oishi Group. This acquisition further strengthens the position of Oishi in the market, promising more exciting developments in the future. The partnership between Oishi and Thai Beverage is expected to bring about a new era of growth and innovation for the snack brand.

What is the significance of Thai Beverage’s stake in Oishi Group?
Thai Beverage’s acquisition of an additional stake in Oishi Group strengthens the snack brand’s position in the market and promises more exciting developments in the future.

The Future of Oishi

With the additional stake acquired by Thai Beverage, Oishi is poised for further growth and expansion. This could potentially lead to new product launches, expanded distribution networks, and more innovative marketing campaigns like the one with TWICE. The partnership with Thai Beverage could also open up new opportunities in markets where the beverage giant has a strong presence.

TWICE’s ‘Ready to Be Tour’

What is TWICE’s ‘Ready to Be Tour’?
The ‘Ready to Be Tour’ is TWICE’s current global tour, which includes concerts in various countries, including Brazil.

On the other hand, TWICE is currently on their ‘Ready to Be Tour’ and have expanded it with a new concert in Brazil. The group’s global popularity is evident in their ever-expanding tour schedule, which now includes a stop in the vibrant city of Sao Paulo. The ‘Ready to Be Tour’ is a testament to TWICE’s global appeal and their ability to connect with fans all over the world.

TWICE’s Global Influence

TWICE’s global influence extends beyond their music. Their fashion, dance moves, and even their endorsement deals have a significant impact on pop culture worldwide. The ‘Ready to Be Tour’ is not just a series of concerts, but a global event that brings together fans from different cultures and backgrounds.

TWICE’s Album Success

How successful is TWICE’s album “READY TO BE”?
“READY TO BE” hit the Billboard 200 chart at No. 2 and holds the biggest pure sales week for an album by a female K-pop act in the U.S.

Their album “READY TO BE” hit the Billboard 200 chart at No. 2 and holds the biggest pure sales week for an album by a female K-pop act in the U.S. This achievement is a testament to TWICE’s growing influence in the global music scene. They have also earned four consecutive top ten titles on the Billboard 200, further solidifying their status as a leading K-pop act.

The Rise of K-pop

TWICE’s success is part of the larger phenomenon of K-pop’s global rise. K-pop groups like TWICE have managed to break language barriers and win fans all over the world with their catchy music, stunning visuals, and high-energy performances. Their success also highlights the growing influence of Asian pop culture in the global entertainment industry.

The collaboration between Oishi and TWICE is a celebration of flavor and music. As Oishi continues to innovate in the snack market and TWICE continues to dominate the global music scene, fans can look forward to more exciting developments from both parties.